Wesley United Church

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Wesley Church Council

Wesley United Church is governed by a Church Council - one of three models of church governance approved by The United Church of Canada.  The Church Council is comprised of a six-member executive, the chairs of the Ministry Teams, the Clerk of Session, the chairs of the three Standing Committees, and a representative of radio station VOWR. The ministry personnel is an ex-officio member of the Council. This ultimately involves 125 to 130 persons governing the church - drawn from our congregation that is made up of about 750 households.

Members of the Wesley Church Council are elected for a 3 year (renewable for a fourth year) term. A member must be off the Council for at least 1 year before being eligible to begin another term. This governing structure affords opportunities for renewal and refreshment for the entire congregation. We need to remind ourselves that we are members of the Body of Christ (the New Testament term for the church) and that we are all ministers in the church; each of us has a special and distinctive gift or ministry to perform in the church. As we try to be obedient to Christ and walk in his ways, God will renew and restore the church through us.

The following is a list of the Council Standing Committees:

Wesley Church Council - 2009

Marvin Barnes (Chairperson) Alice Noftall (Vice-Chairperson)
Wayne Hancock (Treasurer) Doreen Whalen (Recording Secretary)
Eric Larkin (Stewardship) Jennifer Pinsent-Barnes (Past Chairperson/Property Committee)
Ted Noftall (VOWR) Herman Starkes (Member-at-Large)
Michael Smith (Member-at-Large)  
Rev. William Mercer (Ministry Personnel ~ Ex Officio)